Wednesday, June 15, 2005

You want flies with that?

Yesterday's rant on emissions reminded me of an article in the latest Utne Reader. It mentions that we can give money to organizations that plant trees in order to offset the carbon dioxide we use. (Like carbon sinks on an individual scale, carbon finger-bowls, if you will.) Since my lifestyle consists largely of "making movies, making music, and fighting 'round the world," I fly hither and yon for no reason other than to keep boredom at bay. So I feel obliged to participate.

American Forests
Future Forests

Speaking of hazardous flying things...
A few weeks ago, I read (at Pure Land Mountain?) that crows don't view humans as threats but as mere annoyances. Yesterday, I saw a farmer prepping his rice field while riding one of those mini-tractors made by Tonka. Behind him, a crow hopped along, dining on the insects he'd dredged up.

On the turntable, "The Tea Party, "Edges of Twilight"

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