Sunday, June 12, 2005

Roberts Rules of Disorder

Miki is back in the 'Nam, giving me unlimited access to the car. I immediately found myself flagrantly and deliberately breaking one of the primary rules of the realm. That's right, I'm talking about driving and dialing. One or two of my three readers no doubt know that it became illegal to do so last November 1st. I was out of country at the time, and was curious about something. I directly approached a policeman one day and asked him if biking and dialing made me a profidious miscreant. I was assured that it was fine, as long as I were careful. So, dear reader(s), it shan't be long before I do my first moblogging by bike.
I have yet to drink and blog, however. Someone I know has been making it an artform, rapidly becoming the Bukowski of the blogosphere. I'd toast, but then I couldn't type.

On the turntable: Blue Man Group, "The Complex"
On the nighttable: Draeger/Smith, "Asian Fighting Arts"

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-c said...

The Collins Dictionary just included a new addition: "Drink Dialing" (you know, when you call up your sex... er... ex while plastered). Won't be long before the Japanese addition includes "Drive Dialing".
Hmm.. if Bukowskis start "moblogging by bike," though... now, THAT would be cool!