Saturday, June 18, 2005

Whoa, lo tengo!

Years ago, my friend Burnacle and I had an idea for a movie. We wanted to chronicle a day in the life of bicycle cops. The main actors would be total hardasses, and dress in the fashion of the Beastie Boys "Sabotage" music video, faces largely hidden by facial hair and huge shades.
This morning I thought about remaking "The Italian Job," using kei trucks and filmed on the linguine labyrinth of Tokyo streets. Instead of stealing loot, our heroes would steal the results of all the "research" done on whales over the past decade. The Norwegians would pay top dollar, or euro, or whatever it is they use up there.
* * *

Quite a few times in my life, I have an epiphanous day when I finally really "hear" a band I've been listening to for years. It happened with The Clash. It happened with Dylan. This week it was Yo Lo Tengo. This new compilation CD is blowing my mind (man). When I was visiting my brother in Iowa City last October, they played a gig, but we decided to blow it off.
These bruises around my testicular region are from me kicking myself.

On the turntable: Yo Lo Tengo, "Prisoners of Love"
On the nighttable: Ryu Murakami, "Almost Transparent Blue

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Tom said...

I started to read Almost Transparent Blue but the translation of the dialogue into American accents put me off. Deep South American accents on Tokyoites was a bit too much. Maybe I was reading the crap translation?