Friday, June 24, 2005

Down but not out


Oh hey. Yes yes, the 'Nog is still here. It wasn't destroyed by hackers setting off explosions in the Nuclear Plant up the coast. Not was it washed away by a tsunami, created by whales waving their tails simultaneously in protest of research burgers. Nor was it the Chinese, Okinawans, Taiwanese or Koreans, north and south. (Jeez. Does anyone not hate the Japanese these days? Not counting American otaku, of course.) No it was none of these things.

On Monday, I found that my internet service had been cut off. It was promised back yesterday. But before I could find out, my electricity was next to go. ( If you're beginning to see a theme, please click on the button below, the one marked "Donate!") It seems my bank account was bone-dry, at a time when western Japan is facing a severe drought. No electricity in an old house means no gas, no phone, no hot water. Like camping in a massive two-story tent. And the absence of music damn near killed me. I was a quivering ball of flesh pathetically humming old bubble-gum pop tunes, the ones written by Carole King in the days before LSD make feedback the soundtrack of gods.

Anyway, all is good again. It's been a crazy week with flea-markets (major book acquisition thanks to -c), two gigs, a quick trip to Kyoto for a party, a couple great movies (The Incredibles, too good to be true. Napolean Dynamite, one of the most hilarious films I've ever seen, and far too much like my hometown for comfort. It really got me fired up for my high school reunion next month.), much too much South Park, and an insane social schedule that has left me in a clammy, bruised, insomniatic haze. ( Last night, I finally got 10 hours sleep to catch up.) I have had few reserves for yoga, and have been focusing on breathing exercises this week. This has given me a strange, wired energy that somehow allows me to go on. The plethora of social events is due to my leaving next week for the summer, and trying to spend some hang time with soon to be dear departed friends. As happens every year, I strengthen a friendship with a person I barely know, just prior to their departure. I see the yearbook entry now: "Have a bitchin' summer." Signed with a cheesy heart...

Arrrggggghhh! Too much to write about today, but little time. I'm off to the beach in an hour. And you have to work.

On the turntable: Roman Rhodes and the Born Again Pagans, "Ripe" (Local Legend Tim is all over it, and I play shakuhachi on track 5. End shameless plug)
On the nighttable, "America (The Book)"

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-c said...

Welcome back! Yeah, I was pretty certain the Tiawanese were to blame for your absence. Guess I was wrong. But they most certainly were THINKING about kidnapping you (and probably still are).