Friday, June 17, 2005


I always start my yoga classes asking if anyone is having any "body issues," ie. injuries, menstruation, whatever. Monday night, one young woman thrust her hand into the air and said loudly and proudly in English, "Today is Ladies Day!"

* * *
I saw in the news this week that due to environmental concerns, Japan will finally start to do something about its insane bagging and wrapping policy. At the store, I always refuse bags, but occasionally they'll bag your purchase unnoticed as you're looking down into your wallet. Awareness is key. Yesterday, a second person came from outta nowhere and bagged my charcoal as I was paying the register jockey. Double-teamed!

On the turntable: Green Day, "American Idiot"


Tom said...

How did you answer?

ted said...

I was too busy laughing and spraying my yogic aura out my nose.