Friday, June 10, 2005

Bold man and the sea

After weeks of trying, I finally got into the sea. It was definitely worth the hype. There was of course that one brief awkward pause about crotch level, but after that, all was good. Absolutely perfect day, sky flawless with little wind. Water clear, embracing me for well over an hour. I shared the beach with no one, it being far too early for local sensibilities. Yep, that's me, the risktaker.
According to the extended forecast, the rain gods have decided to punish me with five straight days of rain.

Safety Tip! If you're thinking you might be spending some time in traffic, by no means should you listen to ska. The beat is lumbering forward, but you're just sitting there. And sitting there. And sitting there....
...and thinking. Stuff like how man has not evolved enough. Our sudden anger, displayed as road rage, is an instinct to even the score within a small society. This kind of genetic coding didn't take into consideration casual contact with an anonymous person.
So, while I'm sitting in traffic, a ladybug scampers up my windshield. Why walk when you can fly?

On the turntable: Ray Barretto, "The Best of..."

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Setsunai said...

I hear you Ted. Shirahama Beach on the Izu Peninsula is so crowded in July you can hardly find room to lie down on it. Almost like Bondai (sp?) Beach in Sydney. But in June? Nobody there. Except me...