Thursday, January 26, 2006

Kyo wishlist

Things to do:

1) Attend the piano concert of Yukio, soon to depart home to Switzerland. Be dazzled by his own compositions and by his improvisation.

2) Dine and drink until late with new roomies

3) Play scrabble and have conversation over reheated enchiladas

4) Finally hook up with the Kyoto Tibetan Dharma group. Give care to spirit, mind, and body with meditation, dharma talk and random conversation, a great meal.

5)Saturday night in with Guinness and NY Times crosswords

6) Further tickle the mind at a Kyoto Journal meeting. With sweets.

Put a check before each of these, and that'd be last weekend...

On the turntable: Ry Cooder, "Chavez Ravine"
On the nighttable: Michael Palin, "Himalaya"

1 comment:

-c said...

Ahh yes, good ol' dharma talk, enchiladas and mind-tickling.. Check those off of any list, and you know good times have been had.
Sounds like fun!