Sunday, January 15, 2006

Gulf War

During my frequent walks in the Kyo with Keith or Amanda, talk turned frequently to the nature of the sexes or sex or love. The latter is somewhat of an obsession for me of late, as I sift thru the ashes of a dying relationship, using words and ideas from classic films or books as a means to measure my own experience and history.

With Amanda, I pondered whether women might be more inclined to bisexuality than men. Males it seems, in most societies are conditioned against such love. Women, on the other hand, being the target of advertising on the beauty myth, might go beyond the outward representation of trying to emulate that beauty, to a longing for the beauty itself, personified by the model's sexuality.

Keith and I went further back, wondering whether or not some disagreable behavior on the part of the opposite sex might be genetic. For example, is a man's philandering ways, simply a biological urge to further propagate the species? A man is never fully sure that a child is his, so perhaps he's working the odds somewhat. Maybe a woman's fickleness is based on her innate drive to find the best mate. If she grew dissatisfied with her current beau, would she not move on to a better choice? And a woman being hung-up on sex could also be tied into this. These sexual mores could be genetic and not Victorian. If she were to throw up roadblocks at a potential suitor's advances, she could be checking his dedication over time. Males who are only out for casual sex will quickly retire. A man who has a stronger will to be with that woman long term will continue the pursuit. The woman then will have found the most suitable provider for her offspring.

A mere difference in chromosomes can create some amusing havoc. I recently heard a story where a guy and a girl were on a first date. Leaving a restaurant, they passed a love hotel. The man tried to convince the girl inside, but she insisted that she never slept with a guy on the first date. Deciding they were still a little hungry, they ate at another restaurant. Once finished, he said that that's two meals, which equals two dates. The girl smiled, shrugged, and went off with him.

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Nicole said...

I am inclined to believe that there is no reason why women wouldn't or couldn't be equally as genetically, prehistorically inclined to cheat. Perhaps it is just men of recent history who want to believe too much in the idea of woman and mother as pure and faithful. I mean, if you think about it, why couldn't a woman be as conerned with propagation of the species as a man? Get her eggs out and about in the world. Try out a bunch of different guys and see which one takes... Is it just the male ego that wants to think it is all about the man? I think I know as many guys that have been cheated on as I do women.

ted said...

I'm sure you're right. There are definite exceptions. I'm a big fan of evolution. (Grew to love it, ha ha.) Besides, I think that these genetic imprints have been breaking down due to excess petrochemicals in latex. (just to stay on topic)