Thursday, May 19, 2005

Polyester and Pizza Sauce

A week ago today I mentioned being conned by Japanese super-marketing double-speak. Taking those lemons and making lemonade (so to speak), I doused my sauce-less bread sticks with olive oil, garlic, and parmesan cheese and baked up a pretty fine lunch. In my usual lunch time ritual, I sat down to watch a movie taped off of SkaPa. We get a program guide, but due to indirect film title translation, I never really know what I'm getting until the credits roll. In the guide, they also mention release year, director, and main lead, so I can guess-timate. I recently taped what I had hoped was a film that Pete Viquera had recommended featuring Michael Caine and a bunch of Minis. Instead I got "Get Carter," one of Caine's 4536 other films. In it, he was terrific. I love 70's suspense thrillers. In those days they knew how to tell a story, the only pyrotechnics being the spark between the characters, and all the crisp, rapid fire dialogue. In fact, as a rule, I only record films made before 1980, the year when studios stopped looking at film as art and began to see them as little more than celluloid wrapping paper for some of America's bigger products. Here ya go E.T., have another R****'s P****s.

On the turntable: Manteca, "Bailando Con Cabras"

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