Sunday, May 15, 2005

James and the Giant Lizard

The other day in my post about Kisagi Temple, I made a reference to an old Star Trek episode where Kirk fights a large lizard on a rocky planet. Thinking about it, I'm amazed at how many times that image comes to me.

I enjoy Star Trek, but by no means do I consider myself a Trekkie. (there are plenty of sites out there for that.) I think I first saw the episode with my Uncle John back in the '70s. Later, when living in California, I remember finding the actual set, not far from where one of Christo's giant umbrellas killed a tourist in '93 or so. In the mountains of Santa Barbara, there was a place littered with huge boulders, where friends would go to shroom and play "Star Trek."

The lizard's legacy lives on...

On the turntable: Madredeus, "Un Amor Infinito"


-c said...

Wow, I had completely forgotten about the Umbrellas! Think I'll be dreaming about monstrous reptiles fencing with parasols tonight.. Great blog, by the way!

CenterUniverse said...

I use to be a big time Trekkie, But not really anymore, I do still have all the star trek trivia knowledge to be cosidered a Trekkie, just seem to have lost the interest.

One of my favorite episodes back in the day was, the one where they were on an amusement park, and whatever you thought of became a reality.

I'm waiting for the E3 StarWars to come out now!!!!


etryer said...
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