Sunday, June 17, 2018

Sunday Papers: Chris Marker

On the turntable:Billy Cobham, "Conundrum"


Unknown said...


I've been following for the duration. I've never gone away. Been laying low for some time, though, a year on a mountain, a year in the city, plus some other stuff, all the while making ends meet and fighting off the beasts that be. Deep Kyoto is a gem! Well done.

I've immigrated to the Uplands of Nagano, to the back country at 3,500 ft. Trying to survive. Check out my new spot when you have a minute:

Thanks my brother,


Edward J. Taylor said...

Happy you're still with us Ken. I too have been following you for at least a decade, and was gutted to see you'd yanked the site. It was a treasure trove, not only of resources, but of a moment in time Japan. I hope that someday, when you rock wizened in your rocker, you'll consider putting it back up, as a time capsule of sorts.

Happy too with the new link. Hope to get together sometime in the real world, wherever that is...

kenelwood said...

Thanks Ted!

Well there was no excuse for that slaying, other than that as soon a faction of the members there cursed me and mine, I felt it incumbent upon me to drop the whole thing like a bad habit. I make moves, I don't linger.

I wore my heart on my sleeve there, as well as at the Pot. Alas after getting on some land in 2013 in Nagano, I reckoned why keep up with the updating, the picking of the brains, and even, unfortunately, the fellowship. Had back channels with the good guys already, so I made the move to zap the site.

In lieu of Admin work; banning, etc.

Having said all that, you've been very productive since that time, that era! By golly! Many of the other guys have gone home.

As for me, well, I've been making a lot of stuff up as I go along, and not being public about it. Until now, man. The new blog is in the form of a metaphorical story about my journey here, the things I've had to endure. It's even woven together with a micronation I founded way back when (fictional, of course.)


It's all in fun!

Thanks for reading.

And as always, looking forward to your next discovery!


Edward J. Taylor said...
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Edward J. Taylor said...

Certainly makes good sense, as the nature of social media itself can quickly become quite top-heavy. Maemuki, maemuki.

My own story has gotten far more complicated, as the wife with whom I had wanted to build a country life together has now become my ex, and proximity to my daughter keeps me in Kyoto for the time being. And my current wife, is based in Singapore, but has country properties in France and the UK, so I’m doing a bit of the country lifestyle part time and second hand as it were. I still very much intend to relocate back to Tottori, when my daughter gets a bit older. You, and our community of like-minded folks from about 15 years past, are still very much a part of that. I do miss the inaka-kurashi ala Japan. In the meantime, I’ll keep myself occupied with lavender and olive trees! Care for a bottle of olive oil?

kenelwood said...



That's the ticket.

Singapore, France, the Uk, Japan... some serious ex-pat living going on here. For what it's worth, only the best to you! in your current state. Did you have a plot of land in mind in Tottori, or some other draw?