Thursday, February 13, 2014

Renku three

Shrine Tourists Renku

(May 2005 - August 2006)
Shrine tourists
Pass by history
Stopped by cake

MB (1)

on Amida's palm
rests a mosquito

EL (2)

pray for the meek ones,
pray for love;
clap hands for mercy

RP (3)

Gion summer night
rose colour yukata

EL (4)

sun's last rays
music is ended --
old friend dies

RP (5)

through Iowa clouds
think of Buddy Holly

TT (6)

ice cubed thoughts melt -
puddles of watermelon dreams

CC (7)

garden still as stone
green leaf falls to ground

dm (8)

foolish man
picks up fallen leaf,
rolls a fag

RP (9)

typhoon winds cool brain--
still no haiku comes

TT (10)

Giant green
Azalea marks
rainy season

EL (11)

orange, orange: the
full-throated day lilies

EA (12)

On the roof,
gargling magpies:
it's morning!

RP (13)

snail descending wall
hoikuen awaits

DL (14)

Kamogawa swells
Refresh the faces
Of stone turtles

TT (15)

Alone they endure
while waters flow by

SH (16)

On the turntable:  Crosby Stills & Nash,  "Crosby Stills & Nash"

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