Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Renku one

Slipping back in time a bit, I wanted to post some Renku from the mid-aughts.  Over the next few days, I'll post the three poems that I was involved in, posting as "TT."   

Spring Poets Renku (2004-05)

poets wait for spring--
snow fills each leaf scar.

RP (1)

left alone
the grease falls from the
kitchen fan

EL (2)

sweet potatoes sold
in white paper cups

JH (3)

the nearest only seeing
far surface


shadows grow, sun sets --
Gion plum blooming

EL (5)

first crow caw
splits morning silence --
cold and black

RP (6)

living kyoto life
with a thousand ghosts

EL (7)

spirits: her plum wine,
all fragrance.

EA (8)

exhaling mountain
sighs, cedars steaming

ZS (9)

rain all night
and fierce howling wind
split peach tree

RP (10)

in bed two of us
hiding from winter

EL (11)

shadows thrown
by castle walls
hide ice

TT (12)

charging blue school skirts
clicking cameras

EL (13)

Donut King
teeny-bopper stands,
pulls wedgie

RP (14)

Burger wrappers litter
Guinness-colored Irish bogs

TT (15)

burning rosary:
each bead glows.

EA (16)

On the turntable:  John Cale/Lou Reed, "Songs for Drella"

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