Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Things go better with...what exactly?

Spent the weekend helping with the translation of a talk by the marketing director of a massive soft drink megaconglomerate.  As I plodded through, I tried to suppress those rising waves of disgust at how arrogant and patronizing this woman was.  No real surprise since we are all seen as a nameless, faceless, pulsing demographic, rather than as individuals with unique needs and desires.  I listened to her speak in this completely different language, amazed at how out of touch with the people those in business (and politics) are.  Spending time with this woman made me want to take a bath for a week. 

But as I got deeper into the work, I grew amazed at the deftness with which she flows with the changing times.  It became obvious how the world has shifted forever.  The consumer has been given a larger voice in how corporations target us with their marketing.  They are all over social media.  (It was mentioned that this particular soft drink company responds to each of their 15000(!) Tweets every day.)  Via our social networks, we can affect policy.  I imagine a similar thing must be brewing in the political world.  

We do have a forum, but only if we choose to be heard.

On the turntable:  Peter Murphy, "Unshattered"
On the nighttable:  Shusaku Endo, "Deep River"

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