Saturday, August 04, 2012

Inter-dependant Arising at SamSarasa

Cooling with iced coffee at Sarasa Nishijin, perhaps my favorite Kyoto cafe.  When I lived at Daitokuji in the summer of '03, I used to come here a couple times a week, to have a Guinness (rare in those days) and a chat with the owner Aki-san about Tibetan Buddhism, Krishnamurti, and other things that go so well with an Irish stout. 

Anyway, I haven't seen Aki-san in years (a busy man, with six Sarasa branches to manage), but today the guy in charge was wearing a shirt with the words, "Number 2."  Ignoring the obvious scatological references, I was tempted to ask him, "Who is Number 1?" yet was afraid that he'd laugh in my face for assuming that I was a free man, and at my delusion in thinking that the decision to come in here today was of my own volition.  

On the turntable:  Slim Harpo, "The Excello Singles"

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