Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Earache My Eye

I think the size of my earlobes are changing.  (Is this common with age?)  For a long time I've used those in-ear rubber earbuds, but lately, when I take the earbuds out, the rubber piece stays in the ear.

Last week as the subway pulled into Shijo Station, the cord snagged on a piece of clothing and again pulled the earbud out of my ear.  As I reached up to remove it, I found that the rubber bit had entered the ear canal completely.  I didn't want to miss my connecting train, so I walked up to a couple of workers manning the Hankyu wickets.  Asking them to help me remove it, they merely looked at me with horror, one of them going so far as to say,  "いやだ、いやだ!" a couple of times.  So I asked them for the pliers lying on the desk, after a few tries, pulled it out myself, careful not to get my elbow knocked by the steady flow of people walking behind me. 

Made the train, and didn't miss a note!

On the turntable:  Elysian Fields, "Queen of the Meadow"
On the nighttable:  Richard Louv, Last Child in the Woods"

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