Saturday, June 02, 2012

Nakasendo, (Taylor, Cozy, DK)

On the first day of my third Nakasendo tour, I found myself with the classic "King of the Road" playing in my head.  As the train moved toward Hikone, I came up with a verse and posted it on Facebook.   Mr. Cozy posted his own adjoining verse, and DK came up with a coda.  I followed up, in a bizarre Facebook call-and-response jam session.  Below is an updated version.

My verse:

Shogun, a message he sent,
Social unrest, can not ferment.
Tie up the zori, I got to go,
Walk Nakasendo to Edo.
Ah, but all this constant up and back,
Means extra koku in the coffers I lack.
A Daimyo of means by no means,

Third carriage, express train
Old worn out backpack, hiking shoes,
A few SoyJoys, a can of Qoo.
Chain smoking old fogies all around,
Never fails to make me frown.
I'm a man of means by no means, 

Cozy's verse:

I know every combini in every town
All their o-nigiri, all of their beer,
Every yaki-tori stand, every ramen stall,
every manga kissa
and all night Dotour.

My verse: 
Taylor's gotta pay the rent,
Relocated, savings spent.
New babe, new car, new debts
I ain't got no real regrets
Ah, but, two weeks conjugatin' verbs
Rents an eight mat room out in the 'burbs
I'm a man of means by no means

Deep's coda:

Ted Taylor's told his ode
Of the old Nakasendo
Tours and weddings pay his bills
And he's got some yoga skills!
Ah but - the two years he was away,
We missed his silly dajare
King of gags! Glad to have him -
Back in Kyoto!

On the turntable:  Jody Miller, "Queen of the House"

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