Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hippo Birdy Two Gnus

'Twas my birthday today. With every passing year, I strongly believe that I didn't grow up, just grew taller...

Cheers to the Tokyo gang who helped me celebrate. More like y'all celebrated, and I sat with my 50 yard samadhi stare, the latest victim of a yogic overdose.

Thanks especially for not singing that goddamn song...

On the turntable: Bob Marley, "Babylon by Bus"

On the nighttable: Paul Auster, "Leviathon"


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Ted!!!!!
tee hee hee... we celebrated well that night. :)

dana said...

hipy papy bthuthdth thuthda winnie the pooh says. we loved celebrating with you. but i did not love the pounding behind my eyes for the following half-day, thanks to a decidedly un-yogic overdose of dee-licious sake and underdose of dee-licious seafood. thank you for sharing, and we will continue the celebration next weekend.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed it, Ted. I always seem to see you just before the day. Vermont has been hot and muggy, and the rainstorms, as you so eloquently put, have been a wonderful release.