Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Between the Sheets

I think I've  figured out why the old Chinese euphemism for sex was "clouds and rain."   Here in the Kyo we've just passed a torturous series of muggy days where the temperature hovered around the number at which LP records used to lazily spin.  

A storm had been flirting with us all week, driving up the barometric pressure, causing any movement to become clumsy and awkward, any thought thick and slow.  So this morning, when the storm finally made her move, tearing open her bodice, thrashing about, and writhing in violent and boisterous passion, it brought a release that was almost sexual.

On the turntable:  Ry Cooder, "My Name is Buddy"

On the nighttable:  Amy Willard Cross,  "The Summer House"

On the reel table:  "Onibaba"  (Shindo, 1964)

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