Thursday, January 10, 2008

Steppin' out on The Blog

This morning, I had a winking flirtation with the idea that if I were to start a new blog, I'd call it Cognitive Dissonance.  Then after a quick Google, I found that one already exists!   I'd start one anyway, but that would be too much like a cognitive mid-life crisis.

On the turntable:  The Free Spirits, "Tokyo Live"

On the reel table:  "Red Beard" (Kurosawa, 1965)


Anonymous said...

How do you do? My name is Emiko and I'm one of Michael Thaler's friends. I'm sorry to use this comment section of yours but I wanted to contact with someone who may know what happened to him since Jan. 3rd., I'm just his friend through the internet,but for me, he was a GOOD friend so I
want to know his last.If you get or will get some information about him,
would you mind telling me that?
(I hope) talk to you soon,

ted said...


I was worried too, so I called him. Please email me and I'll let you know more