Thursday, January 17, 2008

One Foot in Front of the Other

In early October, I went to New York to wander the Village with Michael Thaler.  His blog documents not only these walks he'd take, but also his long bout with cancer. I always felt that he was walking so as to stay one step ahead of the disease.  But yesterday, cancer overtook him.

I was happy that I could send him one last email before he died.


I haven't known you long, but I feel that we became
close friends in that short time. "Kindred
Spirits," going beyond the cliche. Through our talks
and your writing I feel I have a sense for what a good
man you are. 

I feel honored to have joined you as we walked your
"Songlines" through the East Village back in October,
listening to your stories and meeting many of the
folks who composed your world. The photos you took of
them were
your imprints on their lives. 

I have confidence that your Zen and Karate training
have prepared you for your illness, and for the greatest
of foes who waits beyond. Yet I also have incredible
respect for the fact that you see your condition as a
teacher and not as an enemy. There lies the real

We'll meet again my friend, somewhere, sometime. I'll
again play Shih-te to your Han Shan, as we wander 
, laughing at the rain...


For Michael:
On the turntable:  Lou Reed, "Magic and Loss"
On the nighttable:  Gary Snyder, "Mountains and Rivers Without End"

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Mike Cross said...

Hi Ted,

I was struck by your comment on Michael Thaler's last post on One Foot in Front of the Other, and found my way to your blog.

Michael's sister has moderated the comments and updated the blog.

All the best,