Sunday, September 10, 2006

Gathering moss

Just returned from the Isamu Noguchi exhibition at the Shiga Museum of Modern Art. As much as I love art, I just don`t get sculpture.

But wise MatsuMiki says that with abstract art, it doesn`t matter whether you get it or not. So in looking at Noguchi`s sculptures, I saw he was influenced by:

Jetsons` surfboards
Klingon weapons
1950s iconography (bouffants and Caddy fins)
Mr. Donuts` Pon de Ring

There was also a video of Martha Graham dancing around his sculptures, circa 1946. Amazing Japanese influence on her dancing, alternating wildly between mincing Noh steps、and flashy, spinning karate moves.

A metaphor here. While I`ve got movement down as a science, I am baffled by staying completely, silently, presently, still.

On the turntable: Kodo, "Gathering"


Anonymous said...

Who was it who said "Sculpture is what you bump into when you back up to look at a painting"?


Keleidogamer said...

My search for 'Karate' and 'Yonago' lead me here, so I thought I'd say hello while I was visiting. Moved to Yonago about a month ago and havn't managed to find much info about where to do Karate yet. Ah well, the search continues!