Friday, May 19, 2006

Does Your Country have Four Seasons? In a Single Month?

OK, so something's wrong with the planet. It seems to be finding these seasonal changes awfully hard to bear, flitting around with a fickleness seen most often in a teenager trying to find the right outfit for a Saturday night date.

How else to explain these crisp, fall-like days we've been having. The kind of weather which usually follows typhoons. That could also be why we've had huge, orange Harvest Moons this month and last.

To recap: two weeks of cherry blossoms for spring;
two weeks of hot sunny days for summer;
these last two rainy weeks of crisp cool skies.

Will it snow June 1st? As I ponder this, the temp crawls up to 30, and the light rain feels like steam.

July already?

On the turntable: Iag Bari, "Fanfare Ciocarlia"
On the barometer: A really puzzled look

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