Thursday, October 20, 2005


If you find yourself in Tokyo on a weekend afternoon, one fun game you can play is "Guess My Hobby." To play, you simply ride around on the train and look at the various objects people are carrying. Those players with wild imaginations will go far. No binoculars or guide book required. Tell your friends!

On the turntable: Trance Mission, "Meanwhile"
On the nightable: Michiko Yamamoto, "Betty-san"


yoga garden said...

Hi Ted,
Thanks for the comment on the blog. I was also at Claska for the party. Thought it was really well done! Where were you? Did you take the whole Ashtanga training?
Best wishes with your teaching, please let me know if you're ever in Yokohama and need someone to show you around.

ted said...

Thanks to you too, Gwen. I was the tall thin guy with hair far too long. Most of the night I was leaning on the glass near the DJs, sipping wine with Janell and Andrew, or simply watching the demos with dropped jaw.

I'd love to come to do yoga with you guys in Yokohama. I've never been there, and now have a good excuse for a visit. Yoga and Chinese food. Sweet...