Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Quiz Night!

Below is a list of time machine questions I used to ask my English students. Sometimes I'll throw them out on a long road trip with friends. Please send your answers via email (if you know my address) or in the comments section (though no doubt most comments will say something like, "Love your blog, dude! Will bookmark you. Come by and check out my page, dealing with the more pleasant features of muffler belts!").
I'll post my own answers in a few days.

You can talk with one philosopher.
You can date anyone in history.
You can take a trip with an explorer. (With whom and where?)
You can watch any artist at work.
You can have a conversation with any writer.
You can witness a battle.
You can be present at any scientific discovery.
You can meet a famous ruler or head of state.
You can take part in one historical event.
You can visit any place in the world for one day.

I look forward to hearing your answers...

On the turntable: Ween, "The Pod"
On the nighttable: Christopher Yohmei Blasdel, "The Single Tone"


Nicole said...

1. Aspasia, Greek philosopher, 5c BC
2. George Bernard Shaw
3. Sir John Franklin, 1845 trip to explore the Northwest Passage
4. Gustav Klimt
5. Louis de Bernieres
6. Battle of Agincourt
7. Not a scientific discovery, but whatever - The Invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg in 1450
8. Pierre E. Trudeau
9. The Salt March
10. Kittyhawk, Dec 17th, 1903

-c said...

2.Jesus (just for bragging rights)
3.John Muir, Western Sierra
4.Salvador Dali (afterall, he painted with his mustache and gun barrels!)
5.Edward Abbey (this one changes daily)
6.Odysseus vs. Cyclops
7."Check it out! We can split an atom!"
9.writing of US constitution
10.sailing on a small boat in Antarctica