Monday, June 24, 2013

Japan Times article

Been on the road a lot this spring, so things have been quiet here.  But the ink still flows.  

Here's a link to piece I wrote about Mt. Fuji, which appeared yesterday in the Japan Times.

On the turntable:  Tino:  "Tino's Breaks, Volume 1"
On the nighttable:  James Kirkup, "These Horned Islands"

Thursday, June 06, 2013

On Basho's Narrow Road... (Narrow Road Signs I)

After the wave,
Tohoku's future
Enshrouded in mist.

Pine-thrown shadows
All that remains
Of poet's muse.

At Shitomae,
Reflections of ourselves
Passing through time.

Cluster of itabi
Huddle in the shady grove;
Respite from the heat.

Below Natagiri Pass
Young ferns practice their yoga
In the morning sun.

On the narrow road,
Sharing with Basho,
Weary calves.

Creaking of frogs
Fills the emptiness
In the priest's chant.

Cry of the cuckoo
A tattoo on the mokugyo;
Sacred Haguro.

As city dwellers
Complain of the heat,
Tohoku farmers
Plant rice.

Cool on a summer day;
Shadow of a swallow's wings
Flutters in the dust.

On the turntable:  Joe Ely, " The Best of Joe Ely"
On the nighttable;  Lesley Downer, "On the Narrow Road"