Friday, January 18, 2019

Imbibing Bibliophile #59

Mani by  Patrick Leigh Fermor
Suruga Bay IPA, Baird Brewing Company
On the turntable: The Jam, "In the City"


Julian said...

The Jam I'm not familiar with, but Suruga Bay is a favorite beer (I'm opening my fourth this evening). And PLF is a favorite author, but I haven't read Mani. How is Mani?

Edward J. Taylor said...

PLF is a fave too. This one, and its companion volume, are an in depth look at Greece, and the reader is expected to have some familiarity with the culture, which I basically don't. That said, I always enjoy his writing style.

I am hoping to do a longer meander through the Greek countryside someday, and I'll certain reread these again on the trip.

I hope to revisit Suruga Bay sooner than that.

Again Wilder said...

Hi Ted,

I liked your list from 2018, and am looking forward to the one in 2019. Maybe I'll get on that list come 2032, or some other year deep into the future.

From At the Edge of Axis Mundi:

We were still afraid then, afraid of the black bears, afraid of the oncoming winter, and afraid of the uncertainty this new world offered. Most of all, though, we were afraid that it was all a dream, that the lights would come back on and the hypermodernity would return.