Monday, February 26, 2018

For Jordan

I was on a train when I heard about Jordan's passing, and I spent the rest of the ride trying and failing to keep myself together. 

I was headed to Shigaraki, and it reminded me how J and I used to seek out similarly small and remote places, often in winter. I climbed up on a high rock and sat awhile with the view, as we would have done. And a wave of memories washed over, and I was amazed at just how much we did together, at how he was present at many milestones in my life, at how he was a sounding board for so many important life decisions. 

And I thought awhile on the nature of friendship. How different friendships are, when made young. Later on, friendship is limited as time is consumed with work and families. While young, there is more time to go off and do things together. Younger friendships are occupied with time shared together; friendships made later in life are occupied with the myriad of things that happen outside that sphere of friendship.

On the turntable:  Howlin' Wolf, "His Best"

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