Saturday, October 29, 2016

Band Wit

Back in the days when I was playing live music in Yonago with Tim W., we would appear under a different band name at each gig. The follow is a list of the names we used, or intended to use. (Some may offend so be forewarned..)
Table of the Leg
Damn Flies
Spooky Temple Dudes
Stony Curtis
Obstinate Camel
Nazi Pope
Perceived Diss
Sayu Gyaku (左右逆)
Anal Mix Tape
Psychological Sabotage
The Knot in the Y
Wood Moratorium
Goethe's Werther
Vanity Organ
The Noble Source
Mullah Fucka
Grok the Koan
Bovine Intervention
Bovine Comedy
Zulu Porn
Reverse Vasectomy
Veda's Dairy
Androgynous Zone
Acid Milk Truck
Spank the Monarchy
Puppy with Verbs
High Brow Connotation
Singed Fringe
Glass Water Starfish
Avalanche of Creme
Tambourine Damage
Transportation Misadventure
Wiley on the Bridge
Institutional Conformity
Two-Dimensional Asshole
3D Lunch
The Usual Inattention
Roppongi Hillbilies
Ovarian Sisters
Casanova Hijinx
Conquistador of the Useless
The Gilligan Four
Al Pachinko
Phallus Cowboys
Fudo Hanbaiki (不動販売機)
Kill Gilligan
Traveling Dingleberries
Impenetrable Orpheus
Ramadan Nachos
Back-up Bellringer
Genghis Karma
Shakuson 5 (釈尊 5) 
Snooty Vegan
Keisei and the Sunshine Band
Infidel Castro
Scott Baio Wolfe
Guns 'n' Moses
Felonious Punk
Ozzy Gillespie
On the turntable:  Chet Baker, "Lullaby of the Leaves"
On the nighttable:  Natsume Soseki, "The Gate"

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