Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Notes from the Agog

One afternoon a few years ago, I was telling John Einarsen how my walks around the Kansai region have created for me a unique mental map.  I don't see the connection between places as defined by train or car, but by the ancient roads or mountain paths between.  Not long afterward he gave me a copy of Rebecca Solnit's wonderful Infinite City, a book that plays with this very theme.

Recently, another friend mentioned on Facebook that she happened to be spending some time with Rebecca Solnit, and I think I gushed something about her being a fantastic writer.   Then I was embarassed. I rarely gush.

I know I sounded a bit like a fanboy, but in my own defense, I only get fanboyish around writers. After all, reading a book is like having a conversation with that writer. I often want to continue that conversation.

I don't get that with film stars because they are simply paraphrasing someone else's conversation.  And directors therefore are just deciding where in the room those conversations are meant to take place.   

On the turntable:  Phish, "06/22/94, set ii"

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