Saturday, March 15, 2014

Seasonal Dysfunction

Another from the archives:

April 30, 1995

Seasonal confusion in mountains.  The trees are an incredible array of colors now, a collage even more intense than that of last autumn.  It's as if time hit mid-winter, freaked out, then reversed seasons.  How odd it would be to begin the year with autumn.  Near Biwa, the trees are like orange and yellow freckles on a tanned girl's skin.  Amongst them, the ground is littered with leaves, not the obligatory pink and white of sakura petals, but actual leaves.  Higher up, new maples block the sky with tiny outstretched hands, casting a grainy hue over the ancient buildings, the bridges, the creek.  Like looking at the world of a mis-colored photograph a century old...

On the turntable:  Pearl Jam, "Unplugged and Undrugged"

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