Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Papers: Hermann Hesse

"A good part of our wandering and homelessness is love, eroticism. The romanticism of wandering, at least half of it, is nothing else but a kind of eagerness for adventure. But the other half is another eagerness -- an unconscious drive to transfigure and dissolve the erotic. We wanderers are very cunning -- we develop those feelings which are impossible to fulfill; and the love which actually should belong to a woman, we lightly scatter among small towns and mountains, lakes and valleys, children by the side of the road, beggars on the bridge, cows in the pasture, birds and butterflies. We separate love from its object, love alone is enough for us, in the same way that, in wandering, we don't look for a goal, we only look for the happiness of wandering, only the wandering."

On the turntable: The Beatles, "Anthology 3"
On the nighttable:  Hermann Hesse, "Wandering"

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Anonymous said...

...and it has been a joy following your wanderings, at least in word, here at the Nog. You do get around !