Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Snake Dance

Autumn is when snakes bear their young, and are simply everywhere. Saturday, a venomous mamushi struck at my foot. And today, I looked down to see an equally dangerous yamakagashi writhing between my feet. In jumping backwards, I lost my footing, and fell into an irrigation stream, scratching my face on the concrete embankment.

The autumn leaves, however, are beautiful.

On the turntable:  Dave Matthews Band, "Before these Crowded Streets"



blaine said...

You always seem to run into a lot of snakes. I read this the other night before I went out yesterday.

I was going up some steep slopes with tons of little holes and places snakes might be out warming up. I could only imagine putting my hand down and having a mamushi nip me.

At least your post gave me some warning and I didn't end up seeing any snakes. All was good.

ted said...

Believe me, snakes are the last thing I want to see. Or maybe a bear...