Monday, May 07, 2012

Escape is so Simple

I'm sitting in the bath, pretty fagged out.  It had been a good but long day.  Some business took me up to Obama, along a pleasant drive over the hills and to the sea.  Beside her, I ate bento, thinking long about how I love the Sea of Japan, and how much I miss living those calm and quiet days in San-in.  I baptized my toes in her cold waters.  Then home, the Golden Week traffic thickening the closer I came to Kyoto, under clouds building into eventual squall.

But I'm still in the bath, still fagged out.  Before me, a single spigot extends from the wall.  The heat and steam from the bath have caused the metal to sweat, the condensation glistening in the dim light.  My eyes are fixed on that spigot.  And as I watch, I think how wonderful it would be if, were I to twist the handle, it would begin to flow with icy beer.  Flow into a frozen mug, capping what, with the sea lapping my toes, and the squall bursting open, is undoubtedly the first day of summer.

Or so I thought, until the next day, when the hail began to fall...

On the turntable:  "Shanti Project Collection" (Various)


Zacky Chan said...

You've cursed me! Now, surely everytime I take a bath I will stare at that spigot and wish for ice cold beer to flow into a mug just for me.

I can't even imagine how bad the Golden Week traffic can get around Kyoto.

I went to Shikoku and didn't encounter many problems due to crowds, except on a ferry ride from Takamatsu to Kobe, pretty interesting to see the crowd management in that situation. Extreme comfort for the ojiisans who were sprawled out on the tatami mats, luxury for those couples who took up whole 4 people booths, and suffering for all those cramped around the sides and nooks and crannies like myself. Good stuff.

ted said...


You should write a post about it, most definitely titled, "Nooks and Grannies."