Friday, April 23, 2010

Tokai Shizen Hoedown Revisited

Last summer, I had planned to sort through the TSH posts and edit them into something of a guide to the hike. But time and life stuff got in the way. I was further urged on by a New Years email from Wes asking for more info. Finally, I got it together.

Most of the posts are the same, with some slight editing. I also tried to fill in the blanks here and there, since I didn't write up the North Kyoto parts that we previously hiked as the Kyoto Isshū Trail. Most importantly, I listed all the resources I used.

Overall, it still reads less like a guide than a cynical travel piece. But, as the only English information out there, I hope it is helpful

Tokai Shizen Hoedown

On the turntable: "Backbeat" (OST)

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Ojisanjake said...

looking forward to slowly reading the new site.....

planning a 3 day walk from the Shimane Hanto down to Daito this weekend......