Wednesday, October 14, 2009

October 14th Elegy


Anonymous said...

Was October 14th Ken's birthday, Ted?

Michael Lambe said...

That's a sweet picture Ted. I hope you and Miki are keeping well. Next time we meet up let's raise another glass in Ken's honour.

Sheryl said...

Ted, I don't get by your blog very often, but I was checking in and saw this photo. Striking and piercing, the story of Ken still haunts me. As the anniversary of my mom's death approaches, this photo reminds me of how healing it was to sit and speak with you after all those years and I remember your parting advice about surviving the holidays. Again, you have no idea how lovely and restorative it was for me that you looked me up and we could share our stories of life over the years.
Travel safely, welcome back to the States, when you get here, and be well.