Friday, August 21, 2009

On the Night Table

During these final six months in Japan, I revisited those books in which I found great inspiration, insight, and beauty. Limiting this list to narratives about the expat experience, here they are, in no particular order.

In hindsight, there were three other books that I remember enjoying very much. Bouvier's book is a mastercraft of prose and photography. Hearn's book was almost my bible that first year in the 'Nog, as he was writing about my 'hood a century earlier.

On the turntable: Aphex Twin, "Selected Ambient Works Vol. II"

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Mikey Lambe said...

The teeny pictures of the books are a little hard to read there pardner. Now if you got yourself an amazon affiliates account you could put in links to each book. Then we could easily look them up on the amazon site, and then if someone (such as I) were to order a book or two from that link - you would earn a small commission. Just an idea, but one that makes sense for bookish Ted. Anyway, I'm holding off placing my order till you get an account ( please!).