Friday, July 31, 2009

Anatomical Musings of a Yoga Teacher

Most Japanese women, built as slim as they are, don't have much in the hip department. But that doesn't prevent some of them from affecting a wiggle in their walk that would make Marilyn Monroe blush. Today, I saw one such woman, walking with such a contrived shake that it seemed as she was trying to dust the sidewalk with her skirt. In fact, the whole thing was lopsided, the shift to the left far more pronounced than to the right. Her butt would literally pull her off line, her right leg then stepping diagonally back to center. If not for this correction, I feared that in about 15 steps or so, she'd wind up in the street and get hit by a taxi.

On the turntable: Santana, "Lotus Gem"
On the nighttable: Ivan Morris, "The World of the Shining Prince"

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Anonymous said...

Interesting observation, I'd have to say.