Thursday, March 19, 2009

That cat's name is Maceo

On the train this week, was a mentally handicapped guy who looked just like Kodo's Oda Yosuke. He was sitting there in the priority seats, tapping his feet and singing quite exuberantly, with huge expressive eyes. His voice had all the gravel and shriek of James Brown. Not wanting to miss the opportunity, I toggled over to some instrumental tunes by the JBs, took one bud out of my ear and had my own private Funk Party. All the way to Kyoto, there was Oda Yosuke, boogying along with Fred and the gang, right there on the Kintetsu line...

On the turntable: Lucille Brogan, "The Complete Recorded Works"
On the nighttable: Yoda/Alt, "Yokai Attack!"
On the reel table: "Gion Bayashi" (Mizoguchi, 1953)

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taikotari said...

hahaha... and here I thought Oda Yosuke can't sing. That chubby boy sure can drum, tho! :)