Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Seasons End

The Red Sox finished their season last night, after an exhilarating Game 5 and a business-like Game 6.  What I think I love most about the team is their fans, who had so much faith in their team after years of near misses.  This of course being puritanical New England, faith is nothing new.

I think too of my uncle's team, the Dodgers, whose own season finished a week ago.  I think how their move from Brooklyn to LA back in 1958 killed two communities.

And I think of course of the Yankees, who couldn't even eke a few more games out of their beautiful stadium.  It dawned on me recently that back in the era of the club's hot 1970's teams, I had been too young to see that those teams I adored had been created by Steinbrenner's Hand-of-God approach to ownership, an approach which eventually went on to kill the entire game of baseball for me. 

OK, that's it.  Three strikes, I'm out...

On the turntable:  "Rogue's Gallery"

On the nighttable:  E. Readlicker-Henderson,  "Under the Protection of the Cow Demon"

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