Wednesday, August 06, 2008


If only the thinking of two people could come together as easily as two hands do in prayer...

On the reel table:  "Gembaku no Ko" (Shindo, 1953)
                                  "Barefoot Gen"  (Mori, 1983)

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Anonymous said...


how R U?

U might not even think I leave the comment....

it's been such a hot's a same as that day,people who know the day said.
it is another day for praying today for Nagasaki...

shanti shanti shanti...where?
not shanti place even has been held Olympics.
anyway, I expect that we wil be able to find the way to keep shanti one day.

have a nice day! sweet dreams,nighty.....

p.s. R U coming to YOGA FESTA in YOKOHAMA in SEP.