Thursday, April 03, 2008

Forgotten Fragments from February...

...Last seen around Groundhog's Day. Their long shadows gave them away.

Seen from Chubu plains,

Southern Alps tempt me

With their white cauls

...into the embrace of a sudden snowstorm,

somewhere to the north of Kumano's wild peaks...

Someone more clever than I once said that living in Japan is like creative camping. This fact became even more real to me when I bought a hibachi as a way to beat the high cost of kerosene this winter. I like the idea of an open fire in my living room. Quick! Grab the marshmallows!

On the turntable: Little Creatures, "Radio Collective"
On the nighttable: Stephen Levine, "A Gradual Awakening"

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Anonymous said...

Now that's the way to live!!!