Monday, July 31, 2006

Notes from Wherever

So the day has finally come where I move to the Kyo. The question is what to do with the title to this thing. Do I change it to 'Notes from the Kyo?' I'm not sure. The 'Nog is where I spent my formative Japan years, cutting my teeth on strange words and stranger customs. Everything I see in this country I see through the filter developed there. Besides, I hope to get back up to the 'Nog once a month or so, to see friends, run a yoga workshop, train in aikido, study budo bodywork with Morisaki-san and tea with Yoko sensei, hit the beach or mountains, play music. The door is still ajar.

No, the song remains the same.

On the turntable: Charlie Daniels Band, "A Decade of Hits"
On the nighttable: Mary McCarthy, "The Group"

1 comment:

-c said...

happy to hear, you're holding strong to your roots. Que viva la 'Nog!