Monday, June 05, 2006

Only connect

During her recent trip to Vietnam, a good friend had visited an orphanage where all the children were HIV positive. She told me how things have been improving for these kids, especially since last year when the Bush Administration had started to give the much needed drugs which would help extend these unfortunate children's lives. As I listened to her story, I remembered that Rumsfeld is currently in that country, walking up red carpets toward five-star hotels, Ao Dai-clad beauties standing by, offering flowers. I read that he's there to forge a military alliance with this old enemy.

That's where my cynicism kicks in. What better way to sweeten the deal, offering meds to improve the lives of children, so that their leaders will in return promise to kill the children of that big red country to the north?

On the turntable: Blue Merle, "Burning in the Sun"
On the nighttable: Kenneth C. Davis, "Don't Know Much about the Civil War"

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