Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Mother Nature continues her schizophrenic ways. Last night, as I lay me down to sleep, I heard a flock of migrating geese fly over my house on their way to warmer spring climes. No doubt they were squalking, "What's the deal with all this snow!"

I'm a bit schizophrenic in winter myself. The last three years, I tried to avoid it completely, spending two or three of the coldest months in warm places. But this is shaping up to be my last winter in the 'Nog, so I decided to tough it out. Naturally, we had one of the heaviest snow seasons on record. I did allow myself a week in Thailand, Ko Phanghan in particular, at a place called The Sanctuary. A week of loafing on the beach, with three daily yoga classes, on-call masseuses, and incredible vegetarian cooking, plus my own jungle bungalow called Weemarn
Baan. It is supposedly the place that Alex Garland based his over-rated book on. Check the link and envy...


On the turntable: Songs: Ohia, "The Magnolia Electric Co."
On the nighttable: Amulya Malladi, "A Breathe of Fresh Air"

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-c said...

Duly envy-etized!
I stayed in the place where they filmed the hostel scene (where he first meets donald duck). The room was as over-rated as the book and movie were...