Saturday, September 17, 2005


Went to a party last night where I overheard a group of Japanese twentysomethings discussing the recent election and politics in general. As I type this, I feel a cold breeze blowing from the direction of Hades.

On Thursday, coming home from Tokyo, I journalled my own somewhat-political rant:

"Sleepy drifting by train across the countryside. Byrds' fuzz tone guitar blowing clouds out of the autumn sky. Guy next to me looks at the nude pics which frame every issue of Friday magazine. Young Marine aross the aisle reads a pocket-sized bible, slowly pulling a telephone card down the page. A strangely symbiotic pair. The American fighting for the freedom which allows this young salaryman to look at tits in public.
Democracy ya
Democracy ya
Democracy ya."

(I plan to write up my Sado/Tokyo saga of the last two weeks, but I need to get a quick Kyoto trip out of the way first...Back Monday.)

On the turntable: Wes Montgomery, "Finest Hour"
On the nighttable: James Welch, "Fools Crow"

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